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RIP Terry Pratchett

You will be missed good sir.

I hate when

Uterus: Hey! I've got everything ready for the baby! *smile* *smile*

Me: Uh, I'm not having one right now. Sorry.

Uterus: Oh really? OPEN THE FLOODGATES!!! *maniacal laughter*

Me: oh fucking fuckitty fuck. *collapses* Painkillers! for the love of God, somebody get me PAINKILLERS!!

Uterus: See you next month! *smile* *smile*

New Console Generation? Oh Joy.

I was . . . underwhelmed by the Xbox One's reveal.

For anyone interested in gaming I think this article is a good read


Elementary vs. Sherlock

I've figured out why I prefer Elementary Sherlock to Sherlock Sherlock. Because he's not a dick to people for his own amusement. Now I watched BBC Sherlock first. At the time I liked it. It was flashy, smart and interesting. There were bits I disliked, but I ignored them.

I was 'meh' about elementary at first, but I decided to give it a try. It's smart, fun, and the friendship between the leads is awesome. Watching BBC Sherlock again, I no longer enjoy it, I can no longer ignore the flaws.

BBC Sherlock is nothing but a very intelligent narcissistic bully. He embarrasses and bullies people he doesn't like just because he can. He puts his supposed friend in a traumatising situation just to prove a theory (hounds of the baskervilles).

I was bullied. Other people made my life miserable for their personal amusement. I can't admire or empathise with someone who does that. No matter how many amazing deductions they make.

That Awkward Moment where . . .

There's a character you like in a show you love.

And then you find out that the actor who portrays that character is a horrible sexist/racist/homophobic/etc douchebag.

And then there's a sinking feeling in your stomach and some of the joy you had while watching that show just dies.

c.f. awesome books written by authors who are terrible human beings. (I'm looking at you Orson Scott Card)


Dear people in my building . . .

Stop setting off the fire alarm when there is no fire.

Yrs. Sincerely,
Someone who likes to sleep at 3am. (A bizarre habit, I know.)


So . . .

My previously mentioned friend and I had it out today and narrowly avoided a public screaming match. (I dislike being told patronisingly to 'calm down' and tend to get louder instead.) We are now ex-friends. She claims it is my fault for not even letting her apologise, but since her attempt at apology contained self-justifying silencing and derailing tactics and did not contain the words "I'm sorry" I'm pretty sure I did the right thing.

I won't let her make me feel guilty for getting angry. I had every right to be angry. This time I'm not going crawling back. I've just gone back to full-time education and I don't the sheer amount of stress that would go into keeping her sweet (and would also include lying and pretending to admit that she hadn't done anything wrong and my behaviour was totally unjustified.)

F**k that.



So, I finally told my supposed best friend about my major depression issues I've been having the last 4-6 years.

She told me not to be so dramatic, I wasn't really 'depressed' (apparently it is not officially depression until you're engaging in self-harm), that it was all my own fault for cutting myself off from people and not socialising enough, and that if it was really a problem I would've obviously gone and got counselling straight away.

Shit, I hate her sometimes.

Skyrim's Hearthfire dlc

 . . . is actually quite fun. Although it does create a sense of needing to BUILD ALL THE THINGS and to HAVE ALL THE FURNITURE.

And now my built houses are overstuffed with furniture and/or randum stuff. Apparently my dragonborn is a compulsive hoarder. Whoops.


I am

. . . officially going back to college tomorrow. Took a lot of work to get my mental house in order and get back to this stage. Hope this time goes better than the last attempt!